The everyday vendor who does not only sell fruit but also offers the strength of her spirit. Respect.

Manang came by everyday to offer some fruits. I always buy from her - bananas, oranges, apples. Each time, we talked about the usual happenings in the market and those she encountered along the street where she passed by. She refused to sit down to have coffee with me. She had to go and get about selling door to door to finish the day with a good collection. 

Begging in the streets of Baguio

Women and children telling strories and having fun It is better to see them this way.. than see them knocking on car windows with eyes blank, hands outstretched, and sadness etched on their faces. 
Transported to beg They learned their trade Emote for coins, or better, bills  I gave out a new bought sandwich the mother shakes her head but the baby's thin arms shot out to grab the food  with eyes hungry  but filled with delight!

Giving back ♥

The beloved child of this universe  is giving back the love  that she has been given  in life

The Last Pine Tree Stand overlooking Dizon Subdivision... Somewhere between Pinget, Dreamland,Quirino Hill in Baguio City Aug 9, 2013


THE KAYABANG LOVE BASKET: A multicultural literature which represents our distinct cultural group

Red, Sam, and Annika were curiously scanning the pages of the book "The Kayabang Love Basket". Just like the many other children who were born and raised overseas, they would occassionally come back home for visits and they get integrated with their ancestry in the Cordillera Region, Philippines. How else could we educate our children about their roots but to make them read books which we ourselves had written based from our culturally rich oral tradition..?
The introduction of multicultural literature which represents our distinct cultural group is needed to enlighten the future generation about their heritage through the accurate portrayal of their future in rich detail.

In this picture: Jannah Faye and Zannel Zabala (Georgia, USA), Sam and Annika Gomeyac (GA, USA), Red (NZ), Yzy Ry Basil (Philippines) Thank you for the photos  March 11, 2011 

THE KAYABANG LOVE BASKET: A story for all ages

This book is a contribution in providing our children a reading material where they are represented. It introduces them and the many other children to cultural experiences which they might otherwise miss. Such knowledge of other cultures is an important - and useful component of education for students who live in a multicultural society.

In this picture: Christine, Tessie, and Justine Amogawen - school children living in Asin road, Baguio City; Pureza Gomeyac Egmalis; Carl T Cariño, artist/photographer, Baguio City


Icon of Bounty & Gift giving
Perpetuate the Generosity: SPONSOR BOOKS FOR A CAUSE

The LIVING LEGACY of the STORY OF THE KAYABANG and the Book Art Work Continues with this List of Events and Benefactors Worldwide!

1. 4th National Non-Timber Forest Products Conference “Exploring Commercially Viable Community Based Enterprises: A Mechanism for Sustainable Resource Management”, Las Brisas Hotel and conference Centre, Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines. September 2-4, 1998.

2. Recognition Rites for Women’s Access, Inc as an Outstanding Coordinating Agency by Trickle Up Program based in USA in their 20th Anniversary, Casa Vallejo, Baguio City, October 16, 1998

3. Workshop on Handmade Paper Arts and Crafts Integrating the Book Art Pieces, sponsored by Women's Access, Camp John Hay, Baguio City December 1998

4. Philippine Working Group for the Establishment of an ASEAN Human Rights