Sunday, October 28, 2007


San Francisco, California, USA
August 28 -September 29, 2002

Loob at Labas (Inside/Outside Gallery Walls)

The visual art exhibits have made the Festival stand above all other cultural celebrations through the years. Selected artists are invited to exhibit their works at different galleries around town and / or out in the field at
Yerba Buena Gardens during the Festival. There are eclectic styles, social commentaries and emotional impact that resonate every year.

While it is hard to contract indoor galleries in a town like San Francisco, we continue to give space to visual
artists to express their art and for our community to be educated about our culture. Loob at Labas has forged collaborations with galleries, schools, churches and libraries to bring our artists in touch with the people and vice-versa. The encounter always results in transformation of sorts and an uplifting feeling - whether in buying an artwork, talking with our artists, or marvelling at the capacity of the artist to imagine and to disturb us into thinking deeper. It is always an enriching experience. (Pistahan 2002 Programme)

The artists who exhibited their artwork at the Art Lane are:
Bill Bon, Los Angeles
Papo de Asis, Los Angeles
Dulcie Dee, Alameda
Tessie Dichupa, Vancouver, BC
Orlando Distor, Walnut Creek
Ulysses Duterte Jr, Hayward
Pureza G. Egmalis, Los Angeles
Mat Relox, Los Angeles
Ro, Vallejo
Cota Yabut, Berkeley