Sunday, October 7, 2007

ZEN LOPEZ, Independent Curator, Los Angeles, California

Zen Lopez, is second from left on the second row. With her are representatives of the Igorots and Ifugaos in Los Angeles during the exhibit of Vics Magsaysay at the West LA College Art Gallery, October 2003.

Zen Lopez is an independent curator of Visual, Verbal, Performing Arts and Educational programs for general audience that promote understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures. In June 2001, she was the chair for the Philippine Heritage Month, a month long of free series of community events in Glendale celebrating heritage and diversity. Past visual Curatorial work includes: the First Filipino Animation Artists Exhibit, West Los Angeles College, June 2001; "Dances of My People", One-Man Exhibit of Artist Edgar Soller, Philippine Consulate, 2000; Visual Arts Exhibit Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture, San Pedro, September 1999 and 2000; "Mother-Daughter-Sister" Art Exhibit, Warner Bros, Studios, October 1999. /Life USA

Zen Lopez (left) is here in the Philippines until November 2007 for the 50th Anniversary of Bayanihan.

WELCOME to the Philippines Zen!

Here are her emails to me. I am hoping to introduce her to the Igorot Global Organization (IGO) here in the Philippines and other art organizations in Baguio City. I will be calling the attention of my friend Grace Chungalao, the first lady of the Honorable Congressman of Ifugao. I hope your visit would be productive.

(Oct 2, 2007)

Hi Pureza!

How are you doing? Hope everything's fine
with you.I'm here now in Manila for the 50th year anniversary celebration of the
Bayanihan the week of Oct. 7-13th. Am going back to LA on November 7th. I wanted
to take this opportunity to get to know my country a little better. It seems
I've been to so many countries around the world and have been promoting the
beautiful arts and culture of the Philippines, but I don't know my own country.
I have never seen the rice terraces, never been to Banaue, never even seen the
beautiful places of the Benguets, Ifugaos, Apayaos, Kalinga. I want to see the
place where they have the 'ulog'.

Pureza, I would love to experience the life
and culture of your beautiful people which we have so proudly promoted
especially in Los Angeles.If you have any suggestions on how we can make this
happen, and I'll be happy to be a paying guest, except I don't know anybody and
of course I don't like to be kidnapped. Also, I would love to see you and find
out what you've been up to. It has been a while since we last saw each other in

Please respond to this email and give me
some suggestions. Hope to hear from you soon.

Take care and best regards,

Z e n


(Oct 4, 2007)

Hi Pureza!

a great blog! I especially I like your artwork in the 'Art is the realm of my
free spirit.' Thanks for including me in yourblog despite the fact that I had to
be in the Philippines the day of the event.

Thanks to all your support and the support
of allthe artists and friends Jo Solomonson and Kai El Zabar, and AlexDean Bru,
President of the Philippine Arts Council.Also, thanks for responding to my
email. It's great to hear from youand to know that you can be our guide!

Oct. 27th is the Ullalim Festival.Perhaps
the 4th week would be the best time to go.

Give me your cell and landline so I can
call you.

Thanks and keep the wonderful creativity

Z e n