Monday, November 19, 2007


Completed Workshop on

LouieBrett Fangki

Gallery 825
825 North La Cienaga Boulevard
Los /angeles, CA 90069 USA
February 19, 2005

This workshop taught techniques that artists could use to photograph both 2-D and 3-D art. Three different methods were covered: using natural light, tungsten light, and strobe light. Consideration of photographic presentation and lighting presentation, especially that of 3 dimensional work were covered. Artists who chose to create professional quality photographs of their own work would understand the process. Lytle/


LARRY LYTLE - is an artis and member of Gallery 825/LAAA. For 10 years, he photographed all types of artwork including - painting, drawing, photography, bas relief sculpture, 3-D sculpture, installation art, and neon/electronic art. His photographs of artwork had been in various publication including the LA Times, and Schiffer Publications. He teaches lighting techniques at Otis Evening College ans is a part time faculty member in the art department in the California State University Channel Islands.

Photography is a world of compromises. When you photograph your work, it's an interpretation and a representation of the original. You are going from one media - oil, watercolor, gouache and so on - to another media, film. Sometimes you find strange, inexplicable surprises. For example, watercolor paper, for the most part, has a blue cast on film, so does museum board. You may find a color in your work that doesnt photograph true although the other colors look true. In the end, you just want to get as close as you can and give a gallery or client the best representation you can do. Lytle/