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ABOUT THE BOOK: The KAYABANG Love Basket - Symbol of Bounty & Gift Giving

THE KAYABANG LOVE BASKET is a story book which is meant to promote multicultural education. This is to help integrate our culture by providing teaching and reading materials where our children in the Cordilleras could feel that they are represented.  This helps in building up their self-esteem and dignity to be more competitive in school and in their community.

Life in the mountains is bliss! This is the essence of the story. It is significant to educate other people by sharing our way of living. This is intended to promote the appreciation and respect of diverse cultures.

“There is no substitute for books in the life of a child. “

Please be a BOOK BENEFACTOR by sponsoring my book. Sharing your blessings could benefit a number of recipients, which could be your own loved ones, friends or relatives or the underprivileged children who would be happy to receive a gift of inspiration from you.

The book project responds to the global campaign on Basic Education for All! Hence it collaborates with agencies, groups, organizations, and institutions by participating with their cause.  It also supports advocacies on environment, health, culture and art. The proceeds would finance the ongoing development, production, publication, and distribution of resource materials.  It is also used to promote educational activities, research, and documentation.

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It is a pleasure to share with you this storybook. It promotes discussion of social issues and advocacies on: Education, Environment, Health, Culture , Art & Spirituality.
This story was written in 1998, which was inspired by the nuances of the mountains and the simplicity of life in a far-flung barangay in the Cordilleras, Philippines. This fiction story showcases life in the highlands.. It is a symbolic reflection of the struggles of people and issues in a community. It communicates the mountain peoples’ ideals and their collective aspirations.
This story was presented in a number of occasions abroad and in the Philippines, adapting the storyline but on the process, changing the version. HIGHLAND BLISS, the first naïve painting used for the book artwork was done in Los Angeles, California, USA in 2002, to give life to the story. There were at least seven (7) naïve paintings that were defragmented into photo images. These book art pieces were used to illustrate this story and its other versions. The naïve paintings reflected the highland people’s endearment to the mountains and how they are anchored to their roots. The painting images are presented on the cover of the book. They resonate the essence of the sacred spaces of the mountains.
The book presents the ingenuity and ingenuousness of highland dwellers as they survive self-sufficiently in their mountainous environment. It is replete with imagery of how blissful it is to live in the mountains!


The Gran Cordillera is the highest and largest series of mountain range in Northern Luzon. It is a resource base for the Philippines, an archipelago in the orient seas. It offers a haven of natural beauty, cool weather, and abundant organic products. It has
diverse flora and fauna, rich mineral deposits, and supplies the country with major resources.

The elements of this story highlight the cultural values that are worth emulating. A handicap made it happen that a basket called KAYABANG be created. Simple it maybe, but it became a symbol of generosity and gift giving. Its utility was valued like gold, and its making became a tradition. The virtue on humility coupled with the theme that ‘creativity flows in the midst of adversity’ behooves that indeed, “Disability is an art. It is an ingenious way to live. ”

Read the book. J
It is deliberately simple and easy to read, yet the depths in its simplicity can unravel threads of essentials and analogies… certainly a springboard for an interesting roundtable discussion on man, language, art and culture… for all ages!”
Ursula Alfa Bangaan-Daoey July 4, 2010

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Sponsor books as gifts to inspire and strengthen the appreciation of READING and WRITING. The proceeds of this book project will help implement a Multicultural Education Program to:

"The Philippines has a pressing need for multi-cultural education. We have a plethora of ethnic minorities but there is no real representation of their existence in our textbooks, curricula, or history.This book is a contribution in providing our children a reading material where they are represented. It introduces them and the many other children to cultural experiences, they might otherwise miss. Such knowledge of other cultures is an important—and useful component of education for students who live in a multicultural society.” (Education and Race Handbook ARC 1998)
In solidarity with the global campaign to advance basic education for all, the goal is to share this book not only to the indigenous peoples of the Cordilleras in the Northern Philippines, but also to all Filipinos nationwide, and to all peoples around the world!

The Book Project collaborates with institutions, organizations, groups, and individuals to promote and effect advocacies on: Education, Health, Environment, Culture & Art.

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